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Add or remove web-service protocols at the server ...

Found this useful blog entry just now:

The crux is this:

Member nameDescriptionAnyHttpSoapAny version of the HTTP SOAP protocol. DocumentationThe Web Services Documentation protocol. HttpGetThe HTTP GET protocol. HttpPostThe HTTP POST protocol. HttpPostLocalhostThe HTTP POST LOCALHOST protocol. HttpSoapThe HTTP SOAP protocol. HttpSoap12The HTTP SOAP version 1.2 protocol. UnknownUnknown protocol. You can use these values in the webServices/protocols element to add and remove capability.  For instance, if you want to remove SOAP 1.2 support for your service, you would include the following in your web.config:
<webServices >
<remove name="HttpSoap12"/>
Similarly, if you want to remove support for SOAP 1.1 and onl…