Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Forgot how cool resharper is - brilliant tool for VS!! Does slow the system down a bit however, but not to a level that is intollerable ;-)

Reason number 1: Although I will need to suppliment what I have learnt with further reading on the subject, Resharper has helped me come up to speed with C# 3.0 much more quickly than I would have been able to by reading any book.

Will think of more reasons and post them later ...

SQL Server 2005 - Generic Cursor Code

I always forget how to put a cursor together, so I'm blogging it!


       SELECT <<fields>>

       FROM <<table>>

       WHERE <<criteria>>

OPEN GenericCursor

DECLARE <<variables>>

FETCH NEXT FROM GenericCursor INTO <<variables>>



       <<exec CRUD statement>>

       FETCH NEXT FROM GenericCursor INTO <<variables>>


CLOSE GenericCursor

DEALLOCATE GenericCursor

There are a few basic rules surrounding the field selection exactly matching the list of variables that you use. These things tend to work themselves out if error messages are correctly interpreted anyway, so I won't give a practical example ;-)
All fairly self-explanatory - and I suppose this code does not change betwen versions of SQL - but I have not tested that ...

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Not too many postings of late, as have had twins born a few weeks ago which has (and will) kept me very busy!!
Anyway, getting back into the swing of things somewhat this week and have taken an interest personally and professionally in LINQ to XML. Found this post on the subject that uses this paradigm in a very innovative way:
I like that idea ;-)
Anyway, have recently been doing some work with WPF - so hopefully more posts to come on that subject ...

Migrating (and Open-Sourcing) an Historical Codebase: SVN-to-Git

I have a SVN repo on my local machine that I have been shoving stuff into since before I knew how to use revision control systems properly (...