Sunday, 12 October 2008

Beta Exam 71-433: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development

Did this exam on Friday afternoon (10/10/08).

I wrote down the significant tested 'areas' and counted the number of times they came up. The exam format was 75 X multi choice questions, no practical component. It went a bit like this:
  • XML ~12 questions
  • CLR ~2 questions
  • Service Broker ~3 questions
  • Recursion ~3 questions
  • Triggers (DML/DDL) ~5 questions
  • Full Text Index ~3 questions
  • Database Mail ~2 questions
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting (DMV, process monitoring, etc) ~7 questions
  • Spatial Datatypes (Geography/Geometry) 1 question
  • Windows Powershell 1 question (cmdlet)
  • Database/Server Collation ~2 questions
  • Change Tracking ~7 questions
  • etc ...
Actually I think that this preparation guide provides quite an accurate summary of what to expect:

Areas of emphasis seemed to be general query implementation, XML based data management, triggers and change tracking. Some questions were clearly not directly targeting knowledge of these emphasised features, but contained a component of the feature that you needed to understand to be able to answer the 'primary' question.

The rest was general query implementation (e.g. "You have an X and a Y table, which of the following queries will produce result Z?"), questions on how to create and call stored procedures, when/where to create a view, etc.

Overall it was a great test - much more enjoyable than 70-431 for me, since it definitely geared specifically towards database development, with minimal emphasis on maintenance.

Finally, was interesting to note that after all the hype around SQL Spatial Datatypes, there was only a single question out of the 75 on this - albeit a fairly curly one ;-)

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