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Book: Helping People Win at Work

This book provides a useful framework for performance review. The main premise is that you give the individual the "test" at the start of the review process - meaning that you work out between you and them what their goals are for the quater in advance.
The book is divided into four sections.
The first section looks at the review structure - it's a little bit boring, but useful nonetheless. Reviews are quaterly and the review at the end of the quater is filled out by the team member (or "tribe member") only; the team leader ("tribe leader") looks at the review and may enter into a discussion where there is a difference in opinion as to how a member has progressed with a stated goal.
The second section talks about building a culture; assumptions, beliefs, vision and values. How to develop a learning culture and how to cultivate a strong vision and set of shared values. Some really useful learning in this section.
The third discusses/reviews the leadership…

"Androids in Auckland" Meetup group

Really useful meeting this-evening at the "Androids in Auckland" Meetup group. Met some like minded droid-velopers (let's see if that catches on) and gained a few useful pointers, particularly around unit testing with Android software development.
Here's a link to the presentation that I did at tonight's meeting. It's effectively an "enhanced" version of the post that I made on the same subject earlier in October. There are a couple of errors/typos - if you're keen enough to read it, then you may feel free ask me what they are ;)

Programming the Droid...

Telecom New Zealand Exchange Tour - Mayoral Drive and Airedale Street...

Code to Search SQL Server Objects for a Text String...

declare @SearchFor varchar(100);
set @SearchFor = 'blah blah blah';

if left(@SearchFor, 1) != '%' set @SearchFor = '%' + @SearchFor;
if right(@SearchFor, 1) != '%' set @SearchFor = @SearchFor + '%';

select as SchemaName
, as ObjectName
,o.type_desc as ObjectTypeDesc
,o.is_ms_shipped as IsMSShipped
,'exec sp_helptext ''[' + + '].[' + + ']'';' as GetCode
sys.sql_modules sm
inner join sys.objects o
on sm.object_id = o.object_id
inner join sys.schemas s
on o.schema_id = s.schema_id
definition like @SearchFor -- What we are looking for
and o.is_ms_shipped = 0 -- Not a Microsoft bit of code
order by

Edit - 20101015: It's worth nothing that this is not the most efficient piece of code, and that there is a free RedGate product out there th…

Merging Changes Made to a Rogue SVN Project...

Today I discovered that a project I have been working with is not able to sync with my SVN repository. This is because I moved disk partitions of both the repository and the project recently. I should have known.
Anyway, for future reference - here's the solution (using TortiseSVN):
Rename the root directory of the project.Checkout your project to the same directory that the 'rogue' project is in.Open 2x explorer windows side-by-side and go into each respective project folder - so your seeing the contents of each of the project folders, one in each window.Select everything in the rogue folder, RIGHT click and drag to the window with the legit checked-out project in it.Select the "SVN Export all items here" option. You can safely overwrite everything when prompted, because it's all unmodified stuff straight out of your repository.
Now you can check everything in and your SVN repository is happy again!