Friday, 2 July 2010

Telecom New Zealand Exchange Tour - Mayoral Drive and Airedale Street...

Believe it not, we were welcome to take photos! So here are a few...

Carrier X’s “Unbundled Copper Local Loop” (UCLL) gear:

Carrier Y’s UCLL gear:

The Airedale “Main Distribution Frame” (MDF):

The Mayoral Drive “Cable Well” (where all the cabling for the entire exchange enters the site – in the basement) – copper below and fibre above. The clear tubes are pumping pressurised super-dry air down the pipes containing copper:

Mayoral Drive Cable Well again; this is where the incoming cables start to get split up, before they are channelled through the floor into the MDF:

Mayoral Drive; the upper level of the Cable Well, you can see further splitting going on there and juuust visible are some fibre splitters in black casing – I think they called them “FOTS" (20101129 - EDIT: they did - Fibre Optic Transmission System).

The MDR MDF; fibre on the right, copper on the left:

MDR; a fibre patch tray that a tech had been (accidentally?) left open. Interestingly I was asked mot to use a flash here (not that my camera had one), as that would wreck havoc with the fibre optics. Each plastic bag there contains a splice:


  1. Very interesting post, and nice shots.

    I wish my local exchange was opened like these ;).


  2. That takes me back. I remember 'block lacing' an inter rack tie between 2 of the Airedale MDF rows back in 1976? as a member of the exchange installation group! Andy Turner

  3. Certainly was an interesting tour. I work for an organisation that is currently unbundling dozens of exchanges throughout New Zealand, which is a fascinating process to be involved in. Our software development team works mainly on line-of-business products; this tour really helped me understand what's actually going on behind the B2B portals and OSS/BSS.

  4. BTW - thanks for your comments/interest!

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