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Book: Helping People Win at Work

This book provides a useful framework for performance review. The main premise is that you give the individual the "test" at the start of the review process - meaning that you work out between you and them what their goals are for the quater in advance.
The book is divided into four sections.
The first section looks at the review structure - it's a little bit boring, but useful nonetheless. Reviews are quaterly and the review at the end of the quater is filled out by the team member (or "tribe member") only; the team leader ("tribe leader") looks at the review and may enter into a discussion where there is a difference in opinion as to how a member has progressed with a stated goal.
The second section talks about building a culture; assumptions, beliefs, vision and values. How to develop a learning culture and how to cultivate a strong vision and set of shared values. Some really useful learning in this section.
The third discusses/reviews the leadership…