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Book: Getting to yes: negotiating agreement without giving in

This book presents a technique developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, in alignment with the Harvard Law School. The technique is called "principled negotiation". The technique can be broken down into four key tenets, as follows:
Separate the people from the problemFocus on interests not positionsInvent options for mutual gainInsist on using objective criteria
The book itself is divided into five sections. The first section dismantles and analyzes the traditional style of negotiation whereby each party takes a position and makes a stand on that basis; the negotiation goes back and forth until the positions are shifted enough so as they are closely matched. The author spends this first section setting the scene by saying that this style of negotiation is potentially dangerous - "don't bargain over positions".
The next section of the book deals with the method of principled negotiation in detail, and the four tenants, as listed above. This section goes i…