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Book: Joel on Software: And on Diverse and Occasionally Related Matters That Will Prove of Interest to Software Developers, Designers, and [...]

This book is effectively a collection of Joel's blog postings and letters, assembled into a somewhat coherent sequence of five parts. The first two parts are the most useful - “Bits and Bytes: The Practice of Programming” and “Managing Developers”.
I found part two exceptionally enlightening – this is the first book/article that I've read which deals with the matter of managing software developers directly, from the point of view of a former/current programmer.
Part one (The Practice of Programming) contains a very useful series of four chapters entitled “Painless Functional Specifications” - again, fantastically simple ideas and solid reasoning as to why it's critical that (almost) any piece of software development should be preceded by the thought process and documentation phase that amounts to a functional specification. I would just about say that this series of articles (or something resembling it) is a must read for any developer. Too many developers (myself included…

Reading Log and Career Path

I started another blog - "Bernard's Reading Log" recently. Then I realised that since I don't post a lot of stuff anyway, and also because much of what I'm reading that I want to post about is related to technology (some more, some less), I may as well have it all in the same place. Makes my posting stats look more impressive in any case... So I imported that blog to this blog. I've got a few more books queued up that I've read (or am reading) recently - hopefully will get them posted soon.
Regarding the other topic in this post's header; my reading history (which can be viewed by searching for the Tag "Book") gives away the story of what's happened with my career in the last year-or-so. In January 2010 our Development Team Leader left the company that I work with to go out on his own. A bold and respectable manoeuvre, which I believe is working out well for him. For me that meant that I was offered his job - which I accepted.
Since taking…

Using XLinq & MVVM to Populate DDL for ASP.NET MVC

Making some adjustments to a website recently. It's not a heavily used beast, but my client required some dynamic functionality - pulling data from a semi-static data-source that he would be able to edit. Hooking up a SQL Server back-end would have been overkill, so I looked into XLinq as an alternative. I have tinkered with XLinq in the past but haven't ever found any particularly useful application for it. This time however it worked out beautifully.
Setup an MVVM for the page that I was working with and used a technique for loading the data that admittedly I need to credit to Sascha Barber. The technique is fantastic and works perfectly.

Here's my data, stored in a file name things.xml at

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <things> <thing> <name>-- STUFF --</name> </thing> <thing> <name>THING ONE</name> </thing> <thing> <name>THING TWO</name> </thin…