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Software Development Stuff, July 2011

VS2010 Integrated SVN
I have recently discovered the AnkhSVN Visual Studio add-in for linking Visual Studio 2010 to your SVN repositories - it's fantastic:

Full Visual Studio 2010 integration - gives you those nice neat “checks” and other icons in the solution explorer, to indicate modifications, new items, etc. It's just like a bought one!
Data Access, Entity Framework 4.1, POCO
Have also recently discovered Entity Framework version 4.1 for awesome POCO (i.e. "code first") support - doesn't quite "just work" off the bat, but it's pretty damn close:
Couple of hints - initially, I kept on getting the following error message:
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid object name 'dbo.Users'.
...obviously I've got a table called [User]. There seems to be some issue (probably not an issue, but just my not reading enough about the fr…

New Zealand Innovation

So, some irony - two articles forwarded to me yesterday, both regarding software innovation in NZ, both at opposite ends of the optimism scale:
(1): "Kiwi Software Skills 'Shallow'" (thanks Ann)

Dr McKendry is a New Zealander who has built a successful career overseas and has basically come home and done a talk dissing the nation that launched him. 

Original link:
(2): "Your Business: Timing Right for Software Success" (thanks Dad)

This is my uncle, talking about the successful SME that he has built over the past 15-to-20 years and his plans for it's future. 

Original link:
My $0.02...
Perhaps the overqualified expat CRM corporate executives of the world (seriously Dr McKendry, please don't tell me you think that Siebel is an innovate product?) should remember where they came from.
NZ'ers split th…