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Eclipse, Android Development Problem - "Error: Error generating final archive: Debug Certificate expired"

A really nasty problem, could have burnt through a fair bit of time.
Luckily I found this article after looking at the "Problems" tab in Eclipse and seeing my debug certificate had expired at the exact minute that I started getting the error message:
Resolution was reached as follows:
Renaming the debug.keystore file and running a "Clean". Eclipse put a new debug.keystore in place and away I went...however on the next build I get the following trace (my App is called SimpleList):

[2011-08-01 22:32:47 - SimpleList] ------------------------------ [2011-08-01 22:32:47 - SimpleList] Android Launch! [2011-08-01 22:32:47 - SimpleList] adb is running normally. [2011-08-01 22:32:47 - SimpleList] Performing com.infostructure.simplelist.SimpleListActivity activity launch [2011-08-01 22:32:47 - SimpleList] Automatic Target Mode: using existing emulator 'emulator-5554' runnin…