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In Response to "The Engineering Route to Accounting"

A clever blogger I follow (John Cook) posted this:

Regarding "The Engineering Route to Accounting". The guts of the post is probably summarised by the sentence "Many people find themselves approving expense reports for people who do the work they enjoy doing, or used to enjoy doing. [i.e. engineering]".

I responded, and thought I may as well repost as I spent a fair bit of time composing it! As follows:

OK, I _somewhat_ agree that “by the time you have your degree, you have 5–10 years to go before, if you have any ambition, you end up a manager of some kind” – I would swap the word “any” for “a good amount of”, and I would add to the word “ambition” the words “competence”, “enthusiasm”, “empathy”, “confidence”, “integrity”, etc,. Not everyone is asked to lead, or manage.

I do not agree that “you don’t get to build anything, technicians do that … you only approve their expense reports …”. I think a…