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Agile NZ Conference - April 2nd/3rd

I'm doing a talk at the Agile NZ conference in Wellington in a week's time - come along if you're in the area, it's bound to be useful if you have any interest whatsoever in the Agile movement.

My talk will focus on the Scrum implementation that we've recently done at CallPlus - here's the blurb:

This presentation takes the audience on a journey; it recreates, as much as possible, a feel for the situation at each phase of CallPlus’ Scrum implementation experience. The intention is for the audience to come away feeling enlightened and empowered. It will mostly focus on the Team and the “human” experience of impementing Scrum.
1. Inception When did we start thinking that Scrum could be a good fit for CallPlus? What was it about Scrum that appealed?Winning the support of the business – how did we win the support of key stakeholders, and how did we accommodate hesitation and uncertainty among business leadership?Analysis of our failed first attempt at compiling a Pro…