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Agile Estimation

Is there something in the nature of the personality of the developer that causes them to feel the need to under-estimate their work? Is it the fact that developers enjoy their work so much, and are so anxious to be able to continue to be paid to do what they enjoy doing, that they more-often-than-not tend to see the world through rose-coloured lenses when it comes to estimation? Possibly it's both of these, also probably it's to do with the fact that software development is an exceedingly difficult and complex thing to whack an estimate on unless it's done in very small chunks.

With it's well defined toolkit tailored for just these type  of complex problems, Agile has built a reputation for kicking arse and taking names when it comes to software estimation; at least, it has in my experience. Let me count the ways (that Agile breaks it down):

- Epics
- User stories
- Tasks
- Story points
- Planning poker
- Sprints
- Acceptance criteria

...and the list goes on. Many of t…