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An Emotional Year of Scrum

At CallPlus we're coming up to having completed a year of software development using Scrum. It's been an emotional ride. All things considered, we're better for it in my opinion, and my impression is that that's the opinion of most people in the organisation. I did a talk at the Auckland APN (Agile Professional's Network) Meetup last night - for me, this marked the milestone nicely. Prior to the talk, a recommendation was made to me to run the talk using an "emotional chart" showing the development team's happiness level in relation to our Agile implementation, as a guide for the audience. I thought that was pretty neat concept and certainly worth a try - it was received well - here's the chart I put together:

I call it the "Agile-o-meter". It shows that the transition to being Agile is difficult and fraught with the possibility for things to go wrong. We certainly failed (fast/early?) on our first attempt. This chart is my interpretatio…