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Consciousness and the Illusion of Control

Here are some thoughts that I had on the way to work this-morning.

Life as an explosionThe phenomena of life can be thought of as an explosion - physically, life is essentially a self-sustaining chemical reaction; evolution is a bloom of chemical diversity. Once the process is ignited, potentially starting from a single point - the reaction expands outwards, increasing exponentially with time, in volume and complexity.

[Tycho supernova remnant -]

Consciousness and the illusion of controlIn the same way that the various components and structures that can be observed as part of a "conventional" explosion have no control over themselves as individual elements of the larger process, it is difficult when thinking of life in this context, to believe that life should have any control over itself. Also, thinking in this context, the event and development of life is inherently and inextricably connected to every other part of itself.


Conflicting Business Requirements and Skateboarding

I am a skateboarder, and while out for a roll with my partner in crime (pictured drinking a fruit juice, below) today we came across this concrete block - which I believe represents a textbook study in conflicting business requirements, and is proof that the phenomena isn't limited to software engineering.

If you look closely, you'll see that the concrete block is equipped with a nice seat, and also, metal edging - what's that edging about? Well, the edging is specifically for the purpose of skateboarding - for example:

[This chap is doing a "nosegrind" - note the metal edging on that block...source:]

It's actually a fantastic idea, and one that has been used recently in other parts of Auckland and Wellington cities, I've noticed. Skateboarding is encouraged by doing this; which I think enriches the city's culture and enables creative/innovative use of features of the urban landscape,…