Friday, 19 October 2012

Name Change

The name of this blog has been changed the name of this blog from "Bernard on Technology" to "The Occasional Thought"; I feel the new name more accurately represents the type of content that I have been posting recently, and will enable me to be a bit freer with the material that I post from here on.

The original purpose of this blog was as a "note to self", relating to my job as a software developer. Since I started blogging though, my career has shifted and so has my thinking. Although the intention is still a "note to self" sort-of-thing, I want to post more than just technical material these days.

Here's a picture I took out the window of the bus on the way to work this-morning - she's a bit sideways, this was intentional, an effort to avoid photographing the rail of the Auckland Harbor Bridge:

Ahhh - I feel freer already!

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