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Visit to Melbourne

Visited the beautiful city of Melbourne for the first time in December this year. This was mainly for business, but I managed to get some sightseeing in also. The primary purpose of my visit was to meet with REA Group's CIO - Nigel Dalton - and take a look around their Agile implementation. This was certainly a worthwhile expedition.

[Q: some trivia - I happened upon this device on the side of the road in Melbourne, what do you think it is used for (took me a little while to figure this one out)?]

If you're interested in Agile at all and you ever have the privilege of  attending an event at which Nigel is speaking (he's a fantastic speaker BTW), see if you can have him invite you for a tour of REA Group, or alternatively, his latest Agile initiative. Nigel is known affectionately I believe, as Australia's "Mr Agile" - I can see why now. I'm uncertain as to how free I am to discuss the ways that REA Group are applying Agile on my blog, however I can certain…