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Archetypal architect?

Pondering software architecture yesterday and I thought I'd write a little piece about it - (a) because I have started a new job in 2013 as a software architect and (b) because I want to make a blog post before the end of February! 

[edit: 2012-03-02] Caveat emptor - although I've tried to make it an interesting and beneficial read - this is undoubtedly an introspective post, perhaps bordering on egotistical...I was at my last job 6.5 years and I guess this bit of writing is a function of the metamorphosis that I'm going through, in adjusting to being with a new company and in a new job after so long...
Unlike the conventional “construction” type of architect, a software architect almost certainly will not walk into an architecture – or even architect trainee – job straight after they have finished their studies (assuming they have studied computer science/engineering, etc).

Here’s a picture of a Saab – according to Top Gear, all construction type architects own one of these: