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Case study of a delightful customer/user experience -

Warning - this is a somewhat technical post about software development and stuff...but most importantly (to me at least), about user experience...

Case study of a great user experience -

I'm in the process of developing a proof-of-concept (POC) for the migration of an important revision control database from Microsoft Visual Source Safe to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (2010/2012). Fortunately I have found a new (free!) tool from Microsoft that claims to automate the migration process; I started a trial run yesterday afternoon.

After the tool had been running a couple of hours (I had no idea how long the process would take) - at about 6:00pm - I decided that I could not be shagged waiting around anymore for this process to complete; I had a touch rugby game to go to and play with my son, the light was fading and the process was still running, and thus elected to shut the trial migration off early by putting my laptop into hibernation. This would usually be a death sentence for a…

Agile at home - version 2.0

So the family Scrum board didn't work out so well. We lasted one iteration; I think there was a lack of interest/commitment - in the end it was just too complicated.

Since then though, my wife has implemented Kanban - which is proving far more successful, so-far:

The process is much more intuitive and easier for the kids to get their head around. Much more like a plain old to-do list.

We haven't put WIP constraints in or tried to chart cumulative flow - it's been a straight up KISS-style implementation. Bloody brilliant. Trust me to over-complicate the matter!