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Gestalten Arbeitsgruppe

People can be seen by a business as an appreciating asset - hence the concept of "human resources". 
The more time the asset is associated with the business, the more value the asset accumulates. A business is no more and no less than the historical and on-going product, of the effort of people - individuals, and teams. That's why we call formalized businesses "companies" - they are a company of people working toward a business objective.
We tend to think of appreciating assets as shares, property, etc. People who own property will tend to invest their time and energy in the property; looking to increase it's value, or at least make it a better place for them to live in. We can do the same with people also - invest in training them and helping them understand a business better.
A team can be seen as combination of an appreciating asset and a product. Like an appreciating asset, a team’s value increases over time; as the team becomes more familiar with the busi…

Rock on with your bad self

The Mrs and I have been watching Breaking Bad recently. I find this programme pretty interesting; I enjoy the irony and juxtaposition of the two main character’s partnership. They are like chalk and cheese, yet are linked inextricably by their illicit drug manufacturing venture. Their enduring relationship is the dynamo of the story. Over time, Jessie, who is Mr. “bad boy” turns out to be the partnerships’ moral compass, whereas Walter, who is initially painted as Mr. “straight and narrow”, turns out to be a gleaming psychopath.

[Yin Yang - source:]
The show really is not so much about drugs, etc., as it is about people, relationships, psychology, and the way we operate within and around the construct of the societies we live in.
The programme got me thinking about honesty, and about being honest with ourselves. How it’s important to admit that although we try to do well, we sometimes make mistakes, and eve…

Education, Success, Training Budgets, and The Cult of TechEd®

With TechEd 2013 almost upon us in NZ, this event - which has gained "cult status" in NZ's Microsoft software development community - has inspired me to write a blog post.
The cult of TechEd A ticket for TechEd can be used by companies as a carrot – many MS developers are very eager to be able to attend this event. Admittedly, initially there is a definite sense of prestige associated with being sent by your company to TechEd (or any high profile professional development type event). I’ll admit, I’ve been there – on both sides of the fence – as a Microsoft developer in the early days of TechEd in NZ, I pined to be a TechEd delegate, and as a manager of .NET developers, I have used TechEd as a carrot.

["The Carrot and Stick Set", source -]
Having been through that process though, and experienced the awkward reality (following a spend-up on TechEd) of a near-empty bucket (budget) for tr…