Monday, 27 January 2014

What’s your view of purpose of life?

I was recently asked during an on-going conversation what my view on the purpose of life was. This is something that I consider here-and-there and since my response was written I figured I'll post it here. I have accompanied it with a couple of photos that I have taken recently.

[Sunset Over the Waitakeres, from Glenfield, Auckland]

So, my initial response to this question these days is usually:
"Honestly I have no idea."
However I followed this up with:

"It seems to me though that there are certain themes in life, and although some of the themes change with time, the one that is constant is to "overcome adversity" in whatever form it comes in.
Engaging the challenges that life puts in-front of me seems to be the source of all of my joy and frustration. When I’m not actively engaging challenges, before too long life seems to lose it’s meaning. I tend to encounter many challenges at once – some I "choose", others arrive of their own accord and demand my attention! Some of my time is spent thinking about how to balance the amount of my time I invest in each. And also there is time spent relaxing, meditating/praying, basically re-centring myself.
I do think that life is infinitely bigger than my own experience though and sometimes it feels as though I am just passively observing the universe and everything I do is automatic."
...and provided the following disclaimer:
"Phew! That’s the best I can do right now – ask me again next month/year though and you might get a different answer!"
...then finally:
"How about you?"
So over to you then, dear reader.

[Rangitoto Island, from Cheltenham Beach, Auckland]

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