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The importance of improvisation

Preamble, background, etcScrum is a process improvement framework that has grown up within the world of software development and/but is increasingly used not only within the world of software, but outside of it also. Scrum in-fact lends itself well to product development in general. This post focuses on Scrum (and frameworks like it); in particular how it copes (or doesn't cope) with significant organisational change and where/when improvisation becomes more important than a framework.

The following links provide some information about Scrum:
A 1986 HBR article that introduces the basic concepts: Wikipedia page on Scrum: acquaintance of mine recently asked an interesting question about Scrum...which was essentially: 

"What do you do when an established Scrum team encounters a serious problem?" 

["What do you do...what do you do...?…